About Us

NorthLab (India) Pvt.Ltd is a NABL Accredited Calibration Laboratory set up in Chennai by Singapore born NRIs in August 2000. It was affiliated to NorthLab Pvt Ltd (Singapore) and NorthLab SEAMS Sdn Bhd (Malaysia) both ISO/IEC 17025 accredited Laboratories upto Oct 2019.

The aim of NorthLab (India) Pvt.Ltd is to provide our customers with a professional calibration service traceable to the International System of Units(SI Units). We at NorthLab understand the significance of having a properly calibrated test and measuring instrument. Calibrating an instrument does not just mean having a sticker put on the item and having a certificate indicating its status. It involves as methodical experiment conducted under controlled environmental conditions by competent professionals. In this way the accuracy of the instrument under calibration is established to ascertain the suitability of the instrument for its intended application. If the instrument’s accuracy is not satisfactory it might be adjusted and then subjected to an after-adjustment calibration.

NorthLab believes in adopting an open minded approach in our work. We welcome you customers to visit our facility, share expertise and observe us calibrating your instruments. Wherever possible we share our experiences and knowledge with all customers to better address some of their process related issues. We cooperate with other Calibration Laboratories in areas of training, inter-laboratory comparison and exchange of professional opinions.

NorthLab is a Third Party Calibration laboratory based in outskirts of Chennai city (Thiruvallur District). It was established in 2000 as a multi-discipline laboratory by Singapore born NRIs. It presently has a staff strength of over 100 Engineers/ Technicians/Admin Staff.It’s Chennai office is a four storey building with a buildup area of 15000 Sqft.