Medical Devices Calibration


  • Medical Devices calibration has wide & large scope covering parameters to meet the Medical Industries/Laboratory requirements.
  • Our Lab have High Accuracy Standard Instruments to calibrate Medical Devices parameters.
  • On-Site Calibration Facility with well trained calibration officers.
  • We have facilities for calibrating parameters like All Medical Devices Electrical Safety Test.
  • Anesthesia Machine & Ventilator (I:E Ratio, O2%, PEEP, Respiration Rate & Volume Accuracy)
  • Autoclave, Lab Incubator, Patient Warmer, Radiant Warmer (Pressure, Temperature & Humidity)
  • BP Apparatus (Pressure Accuracy)
  • Infusion Pump & Syringe Pump (Flow Rate, Occulation Pressure & Volume Accuracy)
  • Nebulizer & Oxygen Concentrator (Flow Rate and O2%)
  • Suction Pump (Vacuum Pressure)
  • ECG Machine (Heart rate Accuracy & Amplitude Accuracy)
  • Baby Weighing Scale (Standard Weights)
  • Patient Monitor (Spo2 Accuracy Test, Heart Rate Accuracy, Respiration Rate & Non-Invasive Blood Pressure)
  • Defibrillator (Heart Rate Accuracy, Output Energy & Discharge after 10 Cycles)
  • Electronic Tourniquet (Pressure Accuracy & Timer Accuracy)

Recognition & Accreditation

Accredited vide NABL Cert No. CC-2457

Customer Instruments Calibrated

  • Anesthesia Machine
  • BP Apparatus
  • Infusion Pump
  • Syringe Pump
  • Nebulizer
  • Suction Pump
  • ECG Machine
  • Baby Weighing
  • Patient Monitor
  • Auto Clave
  • Defibrillator
  • Electronic Tourniquet
  • Radiant Warmer
  • Lab Incubator
  • Patient Warmer
  • Ventilator
  • Electrosurgical unit

Parameters Calibrated

  • BI-PAP Respiration Rate (3BrPM~30BrPM), EP/IP Pressure 0.1471 bar
  • Anesthesia Machine And Ventilator I:E Ratio (1:1~1:7), O2% (15%~100%), PEEP (0.0049~0.039), Respiration rate (1BrPM~150BrPM), Volume (0~1000ml)
  • BP Apparatus Pressure (50mmHg~300mmHg)
  • Infusion Pump Flow rate (20ml/hr~1200ml/hr), Occlusion Pressure (0~1.37bar), Volume Accuracy (5ml~110ml)
  • Nebulizer Flow rate (2slpm~20slpm)
  • Suction pump Vacuum pump (0~600mmHg)
  • Syringe Pump Flow rate (20ml/hr~1200ml/hr), Occlusion Pressure (0~1.37bar), Volume Accuracy (5ml~50ml)
  • ECG Machine Heart rate Accuracy (15BPM~350BPM), Amplitude Accuracy (0.5mV~2.0mV)
  • Baby Weighing Scale standard Weights (20g~150Kg)
  • Patient Monitor (SPO2 Simulator (70%~100%), Multi Parameter Simulator (15BPM~350BPM) & NIBP Simulator (50mmHg~300mmHg))
  • Auto Clave, (Pressure Gauge 0~2bar) & Temperature (110°C~135°C)
  • Defibrillator (Heart Rate Accuracy 15BPM~350BPM) & (Output Energy 20J~300J)
  • Radiant Warmer (Humidity 0%~100%RH) & Temperture (21°C~50°C)
  • Patient Warmer (Humidity 0%~100%RH) & Temperture (32°C~42°C)
  • Ventilator I:E Time (0.04~30sec), O2% (20%~100%), PEEP (4.9~39mbar), Respiration rate (1BrPM~150BrPM), Volume (0~750ml), PIP (0~0.147bar)
  • Electronic Tourniquet (Max Cuff Pressure <=550mmHg), Timer Accuracy (<15 mins), Pressure Accuracy (0~689.4bar)
  • Lab Incubator (Humidity 0%~100%), Temperature 37°C
  • Electrosurgical unit (Monopolar(Cut & Coaglation 0~300Watts), Bipolar(0~120Watts)

NorthLab is a Third Party Calibration laboratory based in outskirts of Chennai city (Thiruvallur District). It was established in 2000 as a multi-discipline laboratory by Singapore born NRIs. It presently has a staff strength of over 100 Engineers/ Technicians/Admin Staff.It’s Chennai office is a four storey building with a buildup area of 15000 Sqft.